It Will Hit If It’s Creative

Millions of videos are produced per day on the internet and everywhere else, some are good, and some are not that good and few are amazing (hit more than 1 million views on YouTube) why? Why not all the videos out there are hit? Why some are getting good response and others are doing below average? The answer to this query is ‘creativity’. When they say video production, it means it has to be produced (it’s not already there) or in other words one needs to catch what is not already there in the market of visual representation. So here is the thing folks! If one wants to stand out of the crowd he/she has to do something which is not already been done by anyone else, if it has already been done (then do it again but in a different way). Right video production is a field in which every single thing matters A LOT! From content to camera quality everything must be and should be immaculate; this is for something which one has already produced right? What about the next video? It must be different from the previous one. It’s like penetrating and extracting more and more from inside (that’s how one should discover the creativity from within). Anyways there are some tips which even creative agencies consider while making anything (not just videos) but here we will cater the video production from the angle of a creative agencies: 

Keep it simple: people think that if they would make it complicated, it will look unique, it will work well; and totally opposite happens. It is better to keep it simple, the simpler the better. Keep it simple means that sometimes people understand it better, they will understand when they will enjoy, they will enjoy when they will understand. Be simple

See from their eyes: Don’t impose the content on them, do not pose as if they don’t know anything. Viewers are informative these days, they know what they want to see. No matter what one makes, make it from their perspective, what they will understand easily make that! Do not make something which you want them to see (yes the idea should remain the same, show then what you want but see it from their eyes to make it fine). In the end they have to watch it not you.

Difference: this is a bit tricky, difference, uniqueness and creativity sometimes are so together (that one jumbles up badly). A video production for small business Adelaide must be different, unique and creative these are three separate sections, interrelated but still separate. When we mingle these up, we screw the visual message badly and then it just become the video without message. Try to be different, unique and creative!